Like many artists, I am trying to make sense of this world, to feel myself as fully present and to ground myself in experience.  The physical nature of the world captivates me.  Moving through my life, I feel the presence of a past that is revealed through structures, landforms, rock, water, and earth.  As human history passes, the land prevails. As I contemplate permanence in the physical forms around me, I remember generations that have lived before and those who will come after. I seek a connection to the past and the future through my work.

In my paintings, I create substance through interpretation of structures and references to the earth. Some of this is literal, some is metaphor, and some completely abstract. I consider formal elements and the expressive characteristics of the medium of encaustic which can be both fluid and solid.  Transparent layers of wax are scraped, smoothed, and incised as I build texture and nuance of color. This process reflects time and memory within each piece.